Remember a few weeks back I was telling you that I nearly fell for a secret shopper scam just because it looked and sounded so legit? And I was so pissed because I feel like I'm a very conscientious, observant, fairly smart human. But it just sucks to feel violated, ya know? Anyway, now our cell number is being spoofed and I have a sneaking suspicion it has everything to do with this other scam.

Scammers are using Dave's phone number and my name to call people and try to con them out of paying for an Amazon Prime bill. A stranger reached out to us to ask how we are involved, and we are definitely not associated with the scam, we're victims, too. I feel like the person didn't believe me, which only made me feel worse about the whole thing.

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do about it? Is there any resolution besides changing your phone number? Changing a phone number is such a huge pain in the ass. You then have tell everyone you know, and anyone involved with your kids, and work. And since a lot of us started working remotely, I know we count on getting codes texted to us to access certain meetings and programs. Ugh, changing a phone number is a big deal.

Any advice? I did report it to the Montana Department of Justice and the FCC. I don't know what to do about it, but it sucks. I hate having my name associated with something that's making other people miserable. As always, don't give out any sensitive info to people you don't know, and don't answer texts from numbers you don't recognize.

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