Some people call it National Nurses' Week, some call it National Hospital Week, either way we owe a huge thank you to everyone in our community that helps with health care. We have some of the best hospitals in the country right here in our own back yard like Community Medical Center, St. Patrick's Hospital, and Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.

So many patients in Montana don't have the accessibility to great health care like we do in Western Montana so we really need to appreciate the resources we have. Rural hospitals are crucial to the quality of life in Montana, also the high quality of health care workers in our area is something we should be proud of.

If you know any nurses or anyone working in the health care field, please take the time to thank them for their work this week. It is always appreciated, but so often we forget to appreciate people for the work they do each day. If you work in health care in Western Montana, thank you!

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