There are plenty of opportunities to have a safe, happy Halloween in Hamilton. The Hamilton Downtown Association has its short Kids Halloween Parade, starting at 4th and Main at 4:30 p.m., followed by trick or treating at downtown merchants. Right after the parade, the Hamilton Masonic Temple becomes a haunted house attraction with a "less scary" section for the smaller kids. At 5 p.m., the annual Harvest Party will start at the First Interstate Center at the the Ravalli County Fairgrounds. It's an annual party sponsored by Calvary Chapel. It's free.

The usual safety reminders, many of them from Attorney General Tim Fox, who was on KLYQ and KGVO Wednesday morning. Parents, check the online Sexual or Violent Offender Registry to make sure you are not visiting the wrong home. Young children should ALWAYS be accompanied by parents - to make sure they cross streets safely and to check the treats they get for tampering. Costumes should be light-colored or, if dark, trimmed with reflective tape. And keep flammable material away from candles! Keep your pets inside the house and safe. It's a school night, so get home early. Oh, and by the way, BOO!

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