Talk about an LOL......I literally laughed out loud when I saw this post on the Missoula Classifieds page on Facebook.

I don't know why it made me chuckle. I guess it's just the ridiculousness of the listing.

Somebody posted the picture below and captioned it with "Spacious studio with great light backyard with patio" and a price of $750 per month. Haha.

Photo: Tyler yaney
Photo: Tyler yaney

And then came the comments!

**Accurate. Gotta really push that is has a garden (flower pots) and an “open air design”. Owner can run water (a hose) and electric (an extension cord) for an additional fee. First/last/deposit 

**Pets allowed??
**$500 non-refundable must be under 12 lb

**lots of natural light 

**THIS. This is the perfect example of trying to find a place in Missoula. 

**More pics of the inside?

**Is this still available?

**Are utilities included?

**If it was sealed I would take it lol 

**Typical of Missoula the application required income of 3 times rent, first, last months rent and deposit. So for $3000 you can get into a place in the $700 range.
I was once sent to my elementary school's Principal for acting out on picture day and was disqualified from applying.

With all the politics and coronavirus posts out there - stuff like this reminds us why the internet can be great!

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