Do you ever just browse around Facebook Marketplace and kill some time? I'll get random alerts on Facebook that say things like "40+ new items are for sale in Missoula...." And that usually sets me down the path of clicking on the notification, viewing a bunch of objects that I don't need, and wasting too much of my time. All day long you'll find used bikes, treadmills nobody wants, tables and chairs that have the tiniest bit of life left in them, and slightly outdated electronics listed for more money than they're worth. But today I had to do a double take when I found something that had me cracking up!

The fact that somebody put the time and effort into posting this online is enough to bring a smile to my face. So the thumbs up of the day goes to Alex Vega for offering up a Premium Dorito In A Jar for what looks to be a reduced price of just $10. His listing has all you need.....a Doritos chip.....a jar.....and a great story for when someone asks you why you have a Doritos chip in a jar.

Photo: Alex Vega via Facebook

The item's description says:

"This premium nacho cheese Dorito will offer more than you can imagine. It is a great centerpiece to your home and it will immediately add accent in the most peculiar way.

It solves the need for laughs, real easy and is a cool convo starter. Consider it for you or a friend.

If you want a tasty treat on the run, this jar will provide protection for the Dorito.

So, whether you are in need of a Doritos carrying case when the urge arises, or in need of a smile, laugh, or an Icebreaker for your next Zoom meeting, grab a premium Dorito in a jar today."

Photo: Alex Vega via Facebook

You can get it shipped to you for an additional $5 and there's no returns on the item. Of course, a bag of Doritos is less than $10.....and if you already have a jar at home you would be in business just by purchasing your own bag. But that's beside the point. What's important is that we celebrate Alex Vega for taking the time to post a chip in a jar, provide some fine selling points, and include multiple pictures for our entertainment. It was a much-needed laugh for the day.  And let's be honest.....there's plenty of worse things you could spend your money on through Facebook Marketplace.

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