We are all so excited to be putting on the first ever Knockerball tournament in Missoula. Essentially, you are playing soccer with a big inflatable around you so you will be knocked over but then you can get back up without injury. The good news, we still have room for a few more teams. The bad news, time is running out, and we only have room for 4 more teams. Don't forget this is also a fundraiser for KYSSMAS For Kids, providing gifts around Christmas to kids in our area who would otherwise go without.

On Saturday, if you're playing within the tournament we ask that your team shows up to Loyola's Rollin' Field around 9:30am. Also if you're going to be playing within the tournament, there are some guidelines that everyone needs to know.

General Rules
- If you choose to consume an adult beverage or two, you cannot play if you are visibly impaired
- All jewelry, accessories, hats, and any sharp objects must be removed before play. We also recommend you take anything out of your pockets that you don’t want to lose
- Shoes are required to play
- NO cleats/shoes with sharp points, edges, buckles, or straps are allowed. Standard soccer cleats are fine as long as they’re flat and not sharp
- NO intentional contact with shoes or feet to the Knockerballs
- No intentional contact with another player with anything other than your Knockerball
- NO intentional action which may cause damage to the Knockerballs, INCLUDING “bull charging” or leading with the head from a great distance
- You can bump another player at anytime, OTHER THAN when he or she is already on the ground
- Keep your shoulder straps on your shoulders and your hands on your handles at all times, if possible
- Wait to stand up after being knocked over if your shoulder straps have fallen off. Only stand up when you’re safe to play again with your straps on
- If for any reason you aren’t safe to play (i.e. something aches or you lost a shoe), stay in your Knockerball and get off the field as quickly as possible. Then you may sub another teammate in
- There is no “out of bounds,” however, try to keep players within the cones that map out the playing field
- If a ball goes “out of bounds,” the Ball Person is to toss in a replacement ball where the original went out at and then retrieve the runaway ball
- After a goal is scored, ask each team to gather on their side of the field. The ball is then tossed to the team that didn’t just score and play is resumed
- After each game, Referees request that each player wipes out the inside of his or her Knockerball with a disinfectant wipe (provided by KB Missoula)


Any questions contact Billy Jenkins at 406-728-9300 or email billy.jenkins@townsquaremedia.com


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