It is crazy to think that summer is almost over. Before you know it, the leaves are going to be turning colors. People will start to wear sweat shirts. And, we will be bombarded with endless amounts of political ads and campaigning. It is an election year, and as you may have already noticed, it has everyone a little on edge. Here in Montana we're having a race for Governor, a Congressional election race, and don't forget about the Presidential election.

You can pretty much guarantee that from now until November 3rd, you will constantly be flooded with campaign ads on both radio and TV. You will receive campaign phone calls every week, conveniently around dinner time. And, you will be stopped on the street or at the market, and be asked if you are registered to vote or what candidate you should vote for.

But, I never saw this coming...

Rap mogul and Wyoming resident, Kanye West, announced recently that he was going to throw his name in the running for POTUS. At first it seemed like another one of his promotional stunts, or another random rambling, but he apparently is going to try.

According to the Billings Gazette

lawyers or activists with close GOP ties have been involved in securing West's place on the ballot in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Vermont and Arkansas. Most recently, Colorado placed West on its presidential ballot. 

In Montana, the organizers working with the West campaign need to gather 5,000 signatures from registered voters to get on the ballot; they have until Aug. 19 to do it, according to state law.

So let's recap 2020 so far. COVID 19, Murder Hornets, Earthquakes, Riots, Protests, ANITFA and now "Yeezy" running for "Presideezy?"


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