Every Montana Grizzly fans knows just how fabulous Monte the Mascot is. And now another part of the country will find out, too.

After five and a half years of being Montana’s favorite bear, another Monte has again turned pro in the NBA, this time shedding the brown fur of a Grizzly bear, and donning the silver fur of “Clutch,” the Houston Rocket’s beloved bear.

Monte has always charmed his way into hearts of Griz nation like no other mascot in the country. He was even named the two-time National Mascot of the Year in 2002-03 and 2004-05. After being recognized nationally for his talents, the Monte of ’02-’05 went on to star in the NBA as the Chicago Bulls’ beloved Benny the Bull for 12 seasons.

Monte’s reputation as one of the best mascots in the land hasn’t gone unnoticed by teams around the NBA. When Clutch retired from the Rockets after many years of service, they called Monte at his den in the Rattlesnake Wilderness to see if he was interested in migrating from the mountains of Montana.

Luckily there is another Monte ready to follow in his paw prints, keeping Griz Nation entertained for years to come. Best of luck, Mon.........er, I mean Clutch!  DB


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