In a wild game of nerve-wracking highs and lows, the Montana Grizzly football team made the biggest plays that counted most.

Safety Justin Strong  intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown, quarterback Gresch Jensen threw a 60-yard touchdown to Keenan Curran and Brandon Purdy kicked three field goals, as the Griz survived an 87-yard kickoff return and a touchdown that could have put the Vikings within 8 in the final minute, but prevailed 45-33.

So what do we mean, the Vikings could have got within 8? After the touchdown made it 43-33, Portland State went for two, and once again Strong made a huge play, intercepting the attempt and taking it back the other way for two Montana points.

I hear a huge, collective PHHHHHEWWWWW from Griz fans out there. See you on the pregame show at 12:30 next Saturday, October 7, as the Griz head to Idaho State!




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