Griz-Cat week.. the most intense week of the year for Montana Grizzly and Montana State Bobcat fans.

Along with the jokes and score predictions, talented individuals on both sides of the state have turned to social media to make the rivalry even more interesting. Aaron Traylor, 'America's Tallest DJ'  on Townsquare media's Zoo-FM has placed two well-done videos here on our website. The idea is to see how many views each YouTube video gets between now and kickoff on Saturday.

The Grizzly version is called 'Keep it Grizzly,' a very hip top-40 style video a year in the making created by Komodo Jones and a recording studio called Content Monkeys, while the Bobcat video is called 'Blue Bobcat Cup.'

Take a look at both videos...then cast your vote! It's entertaining and least until the losers are left weeping, into their Blue Bobcat Cup!

Zoo-FM's Aaron Traylor

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