It's the most popular Forest Service recreation site in the Northern Region - Lake Como northwest of Darby.

And this Memorial Day weekend, there will be plenty of people playing around the beautiful spot. Tod McKay of the Bitterroot National Forest reminds us of some things early in this summer season:

  • Daily $5 per car fees start Saturday, May 23 and continue through Labor Day weekend. If you're planning a few trips to the lake this year, get a season pass for $30, available at Bitterroot National Forest Service offices and at outdoor retailers and at the lake.
  • The popular Woods Cabin is booked up for the entire summer. Yes, it's popular. They are now reserving fall and winter dates at
  • At last report, the Lake Como boat launch on the south side of the lake has been installed for the season.
  • Drinking water systems are NOT operating- they're still being tested and serviced. So, bring your own potable water!
  • Swim lines (see photo) will be installed after Memorial Day weekend.
  • It's still tick season. Do tick checks at least once a day. The little bugs can be removed easily if spotted before they attach themselves. We're nearing the end of tick season. As the weather warms, they become fairly scarce.
  • The roads around the area (up the Lost Horse and other canyons) are still muddy in places. Don't travel on "saturated" roads. You'll just make the damage harder to repair.
  • Be ready for changeable weather, drive carefully and have a good time!

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