Much like Lady Antebellum did with ‘Just a Kiss,’ Gloriana are singing the importance of a first kiss in their new single and video, ‘(Kiss You) Goodnight.’

In the clip, a young couple have just come home from their date and are standing awkwardly at the girl’s front door, anticipating that strange end-of-date moment which is typically a front door first kiss. In this case, the boy — portrayed by Tyler Hilton — is being deployed the following morning, so what’s to come is especially nerve-wracking.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t go through with the kiss and retreats to his truck, leaving his pretty blonde date disappointed. Meanwhile, Gloriana, who are now a three-piece, stand in the street singing what the nervous pair were, and now are, thinking.

The military boy sits in his car for awhile outside of his date’s house, full of regret for not laying one on her when he had the chance. Finally, he gets the nerve to go back to her front door… only to realize that she had the same idea. She meets him on the porch and they embrace in a very sensual goodnight.

Later, we get the female point of view from Gloriana’s Rachel Reinert, who is standing in the bedroom with the girl after her date. She sings about how let down she is that he didn’t kiss her, and how one lip-locking moment would have been the key to send her falling head over heels for him.

Thankfully, we know this story it ends well. Girl meets boy, who is set to leave the country, one last time at the front door, where they share no words — only kisses. She even lets him come inside for a few more very passionate embraces past the threshold as Gloriana play out the end of ‘(Kiss You) Goodnight’ in the street.

Watch the Gloriana ‘(Kiss You) Goodnight’ Video

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