The challenges of finding space at the times you actually want to visit will be compounded by some higher fees next year.

Glacier National Park has announced implementation of fee rate changes to most front-country campgrounds in 2024. While the rate-per-day increases don't sound like a lot, factor in multiple-day visits and it may end up being a line item on your budget worth keeping an eye on. And it is probably fair to say that other park services and amenities might see a price bump as well.


Glacier officials refer to the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act. It allows the collection of increased amenity fees, including for camping fees. Under that law,  Glacier National Park retains nearly 80 percent of the fees collected for upgrades, maintenance and improvement projects (campground repairs, more accessibility, facilities restorations, etc.).


Park officials point out that the last major fee rate change occurred in 2007. After extensive research of local campground rates and provided services outside the park, the proposed rate increases were found to be comparable with current market rates in the surrounding areas for similar services.


Agree or disagree, here are some of the numbers you will find in 2024. The daily rates for campsites will increase between $3-10 depending on the type of site. Some group sites will increase by $30.

Peak Season Standard Tent Reservation, Apgar, Fish Creek, Many Glacier, Sprague Creek, St. Mary: 

>2023 Rate $23, 2024 Rate $30

Peak Season Standard Tent Reservation, Avalanche, Two Medicine:

>2023 Rate $20, 2024 Rate $30.

Peak Season Standard Tent First Come-First Serve, Rising Sun, St, Mary:

>2023 Rate $20, 2024 Rate $30.

In addition to these, other sites and more rate details can be found on the park's website.  Visitors can start making 2024 campground reservations starting January 7, 2024. A hopefully helpful way to get you started on reservations is at the website.

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