Faculty with Glacier National Park are accepting art submissions from middle school to high school students for the annual park pass artwork contest.

"We partner with the Glacier National Park Conservancy and every year we host an art contest for students from sixth grade to seniors in high school," Glacier Management Assistant Denise Germann said. "This year we are focusing obviously about Glacier, but we're focusing on a National Park Service Centennial that will be in 2016. So we're looking anything that talks about a cultural or natural resource of the park or a symbol of the park's National Service Centennial."

The purpose of the annual pass artwork contest, Germann said, is to get students eganged with Glacier, while creating an awareness of stewardship and increase an understanding about resources protected in the park.

Germann said the winning art will be displayed on the 2016 Glacier National Park Annual Park Pass.

"They can send it to the Glacier National Park Conservancy and we are asking that they send it by May 11," Germann said. "You can go to the Glacier National Park website, go to the kid's youth page and there you will find information. You can even give us a call or give the conservancy a call."

Winners for the contest will be announced in June.

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