I remember it like it was yesterday.....the Girl Scouts dropped off a couple of goodie bags at the radio station to promote the upcoming season of cookie sales. Imagine our joy to not only get delicious boxes of cookies before they even went on sale, but we got an advanced look.....err.....taste....of the new Lemon-Ups cookie that made their debut this year. It goes without saying that the free treats did their job and had us drooling over the upcoming cookie campaign.

The Girl Scouts started their online sales in early February. But, before they could start their booth sales in late March we were all introduced to our new way of life with the coronavirus pandemic. As everything in town was being cancelled and postponed, the news of the Girl Scouts suspending their cookie program came on March 20th. Now, a little good news for both the Girl Scouts and your taste buds - but maybe not so much for your waisteline - the cookie program is back in business as of today!

If you pre-ordered cookies, they should be on the way soon. If you're looking to finally get your chance to place an order, that'll be happening as well. This ABC FOX Montana story says "Girls will be out and about selling cookies beginning May 15 in new and creative ways. Troops may be doing cookie drive-thous and community walkabouts just to name a few."

COVID-19 has altered plans for so many functions and events. Because of the Girl Scouts having to hit the pause button on their cookie program they're extending sales through the end of June. Alright, you have 6 weeks to get your fix of Thin Mints, Samoas, Do-si-dos, or whatever style you prefer!

Visit the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming on Facebook HERE.

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