Last week, Montana Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen brought over 100 copies of the United States and the Montana Constitutions to students at Hamilton High School. The event was part of Jacobsen's commitment to make sure students have copies of the important documents.

Jacobsen said in a news release, "It's important for our youth to understand the history of the Constitution and how it works for them, even to this day. Getting a Constitution in the hands of students across the state remains a top priority as we educate future voters." Jacobsen has mailed to schools thousands of US and Montana Constitutions since she was elected.

The Hamilton session included Jacobsen attending a civics class of Kiah Nisley with a question-and-answer period. Jacobsen said, "Seeing our youth engaged in civics was wonderful, and credit goes to Hamilton's staff for educating the students on such a significant topic in our country." Jacosbsen is continuing her visits to schools, handing out more Constitutions.

The Montana Constitution is a fairly recent document, created by a state constitutional convention and passed by the voters June 6, 1972. It capped an unusual history for a Montana constitution that started when territorial governor Thomas Francis Meagher's first state constitution was lost in 1864. Then, the second constitution was never used when Congress failed to approve Montana statehood in 1884. The third Montana constitution was ratified in 1889, when Montana became the 41st state. And, as already mentioned, it was replaced with the current document in 1972.

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