Attending high school in the late 90's - I always remember a couple things about the summers. First, the bowling alley always had a deal where all summer long you would pay the amount of whatever the year was. So 96 cents a game was a heck of a deal for the summer of 1996. You could roll until your arm was about to fall off for less than ten bucks. And I also remember gas prices being less than a dollar. That was pretty fantastic as a high schooler with a car and not much money. I actually just looked it up online - the last time the national average for gas fell below $1 was in 1999.

f you've been paying attention when it's time to fill up - you've probably noticed that gas prices have been slowly increasing over the last few months. And if we follow the projections of the professional gas guessers.....we're going to continue to see prices go up. That's unwelcome news at anytime - but especially when you have a country full of people that are probably looking to travel after the pandemic kept everyone at home in 2020. My wife and I have had conversations in the last week about where we should road trip it to this summer. So it makes me cringe a bit to see that my trip will be getting more expensive by the day.

The experts are predicting that gas will reach $3 per gallon - or get close to it - by early summer. For comparison - the average in Missoula last week was about $2.40. And the last time gas averaged close to $3 across the country was in 2018. Man, I wish we could have those late 90's prices back again.....that goes for the bowling alley too!

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