You probably heard us visiting with Muncie Morger of Fort Benton, Montana on the Craig & Al morning show.  If not, you can hear the interview here.  Anyway, Muncie, her husband Wally and their son Randy headed off to Vegas to see Garth Brooks to celebrate her 82nd birthday.  And the evening turned out better than anyone could have imagined.

Garth and the entire audience at the show not only sang Muncie happy birthday, Garth also autographed his guitar and presented it to Muncie as his birthday present to her.

Where was Wally all this time?  At the "21" table.  Did he win?  How'd Garth's autoghraph get all smeared on Muncie's new guitar?  Listen to the interview to find out.

Muncie, by the way, writes a column for the Fort Benton River Press called "View From the Bridge" every week.  Click on the link to read the column she wrote telling the story of the best birthday she's ever had.  And that's 82 of'em!