All the issues Montana game wardens have to deal with already, and now something ridiculous like this?

A latrine looting spree is lurking at a number of fishing access sites in Montana, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. What does that mean, exactly? Well, more than you might think and that you may already be disgusted by without details. But, here we go.

Montana FWP says that since the beginning of the year, latrine risers, which include the pedestal, toilet seat and lid, have been stolen, not just once, but on six separate occasions. The thefts have occurred at fishing access sites near Billings and at Lake Elmo State Park.

The most recent theft took place at Lake Elmo State Park last week, a second hit on the same facility. The riser in that state park was also stolen in late January.

All latrines have since been repaired and have been again opened to the public. But repairs aren't cheap and what an annoying nuisance for a group of dedicated, understaffed game wardens who have to take time out of their hectic schedules to investigate such stupidity.

They would like us to include the reminder that "theft of and vandalism to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks property is a crime that can result in fines up to $1,500 and temporary loss of hunting and fishing privileges. Replacing latrine risers is costly and requires the restrooms to temporarily close to the public."

FWP is also encouraging the public to report any information to the TIP-MONT page of their website, or call 1-800-TIP-MONT (847-6668). You may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000.

I think I'd be watching for remote, ramshackle one-bedroom, six-bathroom dwellings.

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