Any adult who has ever taken kids fishing can attest to the thrills and excitement those youngsters get when they reel one in.

But there is so much more being taught about ethics, responsibility, and appreciation for aquatic environments. If those sound like things you'd find helpful to instill in kids, then get them "Hooked on Fishing." And if you need an "aaahhh" moment, you should check out this awesome FWP gallery of children having a successful day on the water. And of course one of the really cool things with most kids is that they don't care about the size or the species. It's simply the thrill of landing a fish and showing it off.

The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Hooked on Fishing Program is currently reaching out to nearly 200 classrooms statewide. This program is dedicated to instilling responsible, informed, and ethical conduct in upper elementary and middle school students. The aim is to deepen their appreciation for the aquatic environment, enhance angling abilities, and bolster user safety. The emphasis is on the sustained and respectful utilization of Montana’s precious fisheries and water resources.

As you've probably gathered by now, the mission of Hooked on Fishing runs much deeper than catching fish, although the more success kiddos have, the more they are going to want to drop a line in the water.  With a focus on water, fish, and fisheries management, Montana FWP offers students valuable skills for a lifetime of outdoor angling.


The program provides students with fishing equipment, equips teachers with training and curriculum, and offers in-class support from dedicated FWP staff and volunteer instructors.

If you weren't familiar with Hooked on Fishing, or would like to know more to see if it would be a good fit for a school you have a relationship with that does not yet offer the program, simply visit a FWP office near you, or call Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks at 406-444-9943.

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