On Monday, Chair of the Montana Democratic Party Robyn Driscoll had her monthly appearance on KGVO’s Talk Back show. She answered several questions from listeners, and shared her opinions and insight about what is going on in our Montana hospitals right now.

“Our frontline workers are just begging for help from the administration and from Montanans,” Driscoll said. “Vaccinations are the best way we can stop the spread and offer some relief to our healthcare. I think that hospitals right now are begging the administration for help from the National Guard. I think the administration could be really proactive and actively look to get the National Guard out to the hospitals.”

Driscoll also mentioned that hospitals were experiencing significant staff shortages as well. She said a lot of nurses are quitting their jobs and are becoming travelling nurses because they get paid so much better.

“These hospitals and healthcare facilities are negotiating against each other with these nursing agencies,” Driscoll said. “It is hard for them. If our governor could step in and maybe negotiate a statewide contract with travelling nurses so that people aren’t betting against each other to get folks in and working in their facilities.”

Driscoll reiterated that she believes vaccinations would solve a number of the problems we are facing right now.

“If a vaccination is what is going to help us move forward and keep our businesses healthy and open, our people healthy, and our kids in schools, that is what we need to do,” Driscoll said. “Politicians from Governor Gianforte to former President Trump are all pushing vaccinations as well. Unfortunately, President Trump was booed at a rally that he had when he brought up that people needed to be vaccinated. It is a shame that this has become so politicized and that people are so dug in.”

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