Friday night was a lot of fun, as it was the first night my wife's parents were in town to surprise her just a few days after her actual birthday. It was an unusual night for Savannah and I as we normally always have our bowling league on Friday's but this week there was a tournament at Westside Lanes so we had to come up with other plans.

We knew that Bingo Bob was going to be calling bingo numbers at The Darkhorse and for some reason we thought that would be a fun idea. Which it was, but before you go you need to know that swearing is a constant, and vulgar things are often talked about.

We all had a good time, especially as we got closer to winning some of the prizes. Everyone at the table but me was playing 6 bingo cards at once, I was only playing with 3. Don't worry, Bingo Bob let me know many times throughout the night that I wasn't man enough for all 6. Hahaha, he is a smart-aleck, but that's Bingo Bob.

We didn't have a winner from our group, and it was down to the final round. The jackpot was $420 for the first person to blackout their bingo card, and $50 to second place. Unfortunately Friday just wasn't our night, although Savannah's dad, Tim was only two numbers off from hitting the big jackpot. And Savannah was only three numbers off. Oh well, better luck next time.


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