Good news for anyone who doesn't have a quarter on them, has to go back into their car, input their credit card number, and then forgets their license plate number so they have to go back to their car to take a picture of the plate so you can input that into the machine too - parking fees in downtown Missoula have been waived until May 18th.

As businesses and restaurants begin the process of re-opening, more and more people will be heading downtown. The news release from the Missoula Parking Commission states that the decision was made to waive the fees to provide an assist to the downtown community "while they continue to come back online."

The Missoula Parking Commission will still be enforcing safety violations, but for now, they won't be charging to use parking structures or on-street parking in the downtown area. Which is great news, because that picture I took of my license plate on my phone always seems to mysteriously disappear every time I need it, which means I'll have to go back to my car, take another picture and start over.

Have you stopped through downtown now that businesses have begun to reopen? Have you noticed a change compared to the last few weeks?

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