Where do you stand when it comes to celebrating your birthday? Are you the type that wants over-the-top recognition or do you let the day pass without mention? I feel like everybody has that one friend that uses the entire month to celebrate their birthday with anything they can use as a reason to get attention. That might be a bit much for most, and as for me, I'm all about taking the day off of work when it falls on a Monday or Friday to enjoy a three-day weekend. I saw a post on Facebook today where somebody was asking what places around Missoula offered birthday discounts and freebies. I thought it was a conversation worth sharing and making note of.

Photo: Robert Anderson via Unsplash
Photo: Robert Anderson via Unsplash

It should be noted that the examples below are from comments that were left in response to the question being posed. Although I did double-check what I could online, you would have to check with businesses to make sure the offers are valid at time of use.

Here's what people offered up as deals and discounts around Missoula:

  • Montana Club - whatever age you're turning you you get that percentage off your meal. Note that it's not the entire check, just the meal of the person having a birthday.
  • Red Robin - free birthday burger if you sign up for their Red Robin Royalty Rewards program. Valid during the month of your birthday.
  • Denny's - free Grand Slam breakfast on the day of your birthday.
  • Dairy Queen - sign up for the Blizzard Fan Club and you'll get a certificate for a free birthday blizzard.....but the offer is to get a free one when you purchase one.
  • China Garden - 50% off your meal on the day of your birthday.
  • Crumbl Cookies - free cookie if you're enrolled in their loyalty program.
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What else is out there?

Do you know of any other places around town that offer any sort of deal for your birthday?

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