Psychology Today has the four things that make your relationship go from good to great.

Here's the list!

Expression of admiration and affection: An unexpected text, a small favor, or a note left  by the sink can build up a bank account of positive feelings that help fight the urge to see your partner in a negative light.



Making room in your head for the other person: Daily email, text messages, phone calls, and kids screaming leaves your mind as clogged as a gas station toilet. Leave a little section of your mind open to your partner. Remember those little things that make him/her special -- like their favorite song, favorite foods, important dates, etc.

Balance of power: Power in a relationship should not be defined by how much power one has over the other, but how power is balanced. Help them, and let them help you.

Knowing their inner world: We live in our head more than we realize, so let your partner express their thoughts and dreams.