Missoula is home to many things that make it great - a lively concert scene (under normal, non-COVID circumstances), a vibrant arts community, beautiful scenery... but if it were up to me, I'd add "plentiful, delicious food trucks" to that list. We've got so many great ones! Whatever kind of food you could want, you'll likely find a truck serving it somewhere in Missoula. And now, we can add another tasty-sounding one to that growing list.

Nick Jackson is a former Griz track and field athlete, and on September 16th, he'll be unveiling his new food truck, M-80 Chicken, located next to the Kettlehouse Southside taproom on Myrtle Street. The truck had a soft opening in August, in which Jackson cooked about 40 pounds of chicken and gave it all away.

During the time of COVID, everyone has had to adapt - Jackson was actually laid off from his job thanks to COVID, so he figured out a new path with this truck, inspired by his time touring with a local band through Memphis and falling in love with hot chicken and the Southern food culture.

I'm always excited for some new food to hit the scene, so I'm definitely ready for this. That Kettlehouse taproom has been open for a while now (not to be confused with their Northside location, which recently shut down), so it seems like a great way to enjoy a beer, get some good food, and get people together (from a respectable distance, of course). Will you be checking this out?

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