Earlier this week I shared my shocking experience of looking for a home to rent in or around Missoula and how some of the local property management companies deal with people like me wanting to move my family here.

It was not kind article, nor should it have been.





I asked for comments from you regarding your thoughts or similar experiences.  An invitation was also given to any of the property management companies to speak up.  Needless to say, companies that handle Missoula area house rentals remain silent, and possibly crouched down, to avoid the bullet being fired here.

One of the comments, from Brandy, seems to sum up the common experience from many I've heard from.

This is a great opinion article. Property management companies in Missoula tend to behave extremely rudely. In my opinion it's because they know they've got you by the.....you-know-what. The housing department complains there isn't enough rental property and perspective renters complain because they want to rent yet get the run around. Customer service remains to be seen. I've also heard of instances where the property management company goes bankrupt, the banks take over the ownership and then when renters need maintenance there isn't anyone to call.

In addition, Dan wonders where the $35 non-refundable "application fee" from the other 10+ applicants who DON'T get the rental goes.   Multiply that fee by the number of applicants for any given rental then again by the number rentals these companies are actively working, and it might seem a fortune is being made.

Again, I offer any property management company handling rentals in Missoula the opportunity to please shed some light on what is being discussed here.

If you've had a similar experience, a good experience, or an opinion to express, please scroll to the bottom of this page and share what's on your mind.