You need to eat anyway, right? And since you're going to eat, why not do it where you know a portion of the money you spend is going to a great cause? That's exactly the thinking as Food Truck Friday is ready to roll for another season at the Ronald McDonald House in Missoula!

Every Friday from 11:00AM - 1:30PM, beginning June 4, you can enjoy lunch from a different food truck that'll be parked in the Ronald McDonald House parking lot. A portion of the lunch sales will be donated to RMHC of Western Montana and help fund the services they provide. There'll be a different food truck every week and Food Truck Friday will run through August 27. Check out the schedule in the Facebook post below.

And this is pretty neat. The Facebook event page has this to add: "....we're excited to announce that "Laila's Lemonade" will be back at Food Truck Friday, selling her refreshingly delicious lemonades! In just three years, this 11 year old entrepreneur has raised over $3,000 dollars selling her specialty drinks, gifting all proceeds to Ronald McDonald House."

How great is that? Only 11 and she's raising some serious money for RMHC. Kudos to her parents - I'm sure they're proud of how amazing their daughter is. Way to go, Laila!

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No outdoor seating will be provided with Food Truck Friday. They also ask that you practice social distancing and consider wearing a mask while attending.

As a side note, if you're no familiar with how a Ronald McDonald House operates you should read about their services or stop in and ask for a tour. It's pretty incredible what they provide for families that are going through the toughest times in their lives.

Be sure to stop in and grab a bite on a Friday - or all the Fridays - beginning June 4.

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