I feel like any event that tags their posters with "Good Food, Good Beer, Good People, Good Fun" is one that we should spread the word about! And those are exactly the words used on the promo posters for the US Diesel Parts Five Valley Power Rally that'll happen at the end of June in Hamilton.

Check out the dyno event that goes all day long - plus the dirt drags and track pull! What's that you say? Not familiar with the term dyno? We're obviously talking about the word being short for a dynamometer that measures an engine's torque and speed to calculate the power. I totally knew that and had the definition handy - didn't need to Google it or anything.....yeah, that's it. Ha!

This will be the first year that the event takes place at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds in Hamilton. It'll provide better parking and facilities than they've had in the past. And it's the weekend after Father's Day so you can get pops some tickets and not break the bank. Tickets are just $10 with free admission for 12 and under. The event is family friendly and masks are optional.....but the good news is you'll be outdoors.

Aside from watching all the action, the website says it'll also be a prime time to purchase accessories for your own vehicle: "This is also an amazing time to score some incredible deals and upgrade your truck. For the entire day we have sponsors and vendors from all over the country here to show off their wares. Experts in the industry that can talk to you about your vehicle; give hands-on recommendations, and get your truck to the level you desire."

Not looking to just attend - but want to be right in the middle of all the fun? You can register to participate in the different events - get information HERE.

US Diesel Parts Five Valley Power Rally
Ravalli County Fairgrounds | Hamilton
June 26th | Events begin at 9 AM
More Info: 406-728-7620

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