It was a semi stormy weekend in some parts of the state. That didn't stop me from trying to go out and wet a line. This time headed to the Blackfoot River.

It was a semi decent morning on the water before I arrived. I was running a bit late, and had a drive ahead of me. It was a bit rainy in the morning but looked as if it was going to clear up.

I was nymph fishing and my friend was throwing streamers. I had a bunch of luck but only with Whitefish, I think I had one trout on but with the fast current, I'd get them on and they would get off easily.

Then we saw some dark clouds and realized that a storm was pushing in. We luckily got off the water just in time and drove to Lincoln for some food and a drink.

Then after the storm, streamer fishing really picked up. Earlier it didn't seem any color was working and after the storm they were hot. Time of the day is a big thing with fishing depending on how you are fishing.

You can kind of see the dark clouds starting to roll in, in the picture below.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM

    Going the Extra Mile to Fish