This Sunday was a great day on the water despite people thinking that the water was blown out, which it was in a way.

The water levels from the warm temps and the rain were up and the water was milky. Although I hear some of the big fish come out to eat in the dirty water. It was a bit cold and cloudy on the Root. We started out early and thought there would be a lot of boats but were happily wrong. The Skwala hatch is happening and so that was one reason why we thought there would be a lot of boats and then also people just itching to fish like we were.

We venture out and our buddy Ryan gets into the first fish and it's a sucker fish, but still a great catch. He ends up landing two of them and a really nice trout! I had a nice healthy rainbow. We had one newbie fisher on the boat who had his first fish and it was a brown trout! You can see the picture where I am pictured with them.

We did have one of the better meals on the river I have ever had. We had elk steaks, sauteed mushrooms and onions grilled up by our river friend Kelly Harrison.

It was overall a really great day on the water and I unfortunately lost what I think was a really really big fish. I hate that feeling, I feel a bit like I forgot something on the river. Although that is exactly what pushes you to fish harder. I thought maybe since my big catch last weekend I would lose my spark just a bit, but in reality it just lit a huge fire.



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