Just read through the numbers for opening weekend of big game season. Here in Region 2 over 2400 hunters stopped at the Anaconda, Bonner and Darby check stations. Elk, mule deer and whitetail deer harvest numbers were down. Over in Region 4, with a check station in Augusta, Bruce Auchly said their numbers were down as well. There’s still a lot of hunting season left so maybe things will improve.

One other thing…to anyone hunting in the Schwartz Creek Road area Saturday or Sunday. Someone shot a moose in its prime and left it, right alongside the road. Now it may have been a mistake but this still just bugs the heck out of me. I question a hunter’s abilities if they can’t tell the difference between an elk or deer, and a moose. Come on! If you’re not sure don’t shoot. So if you were hunting in that area and think you might have some information give TipMont a call.

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