I will admit I am new to using a smoker. I have been using a BBQ for years, but I was really excited a few weeks ago when I got a smoker. I was thinking it would be easier to make delicious food. And while that seemed like it was the case the very first time, last night things didn't go according to plan.

I used the same rubs, spices, and sauce that I used the first time I made ribs in my smoker but this time around they were a little more dry. I checked everything, especially to make sure I didn't run out of water. I didn't, so I am not sure what I did differently to make these not as delicious.

I am very open to suggestions as to how I can make better BBQ with my smoker, so feel free to send ideas my way. One thing is for sure, just because the ribs last night weren't amazing doesn't mean than I am done using my smoker. I think next I will try a nice brisket!


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