All I can think about this week is the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. The weather has been nice over the past few days and I am excited to get outside and have some fun. When I was reading over some statistics about the Memorial Day weekend, I had no idea it became such a glutenous holiday. Finding out that 95% of people will grill throughout the summer, but most people first fire up their grill for Memorial Day weekend.

I think it's hilarious that 34% of men say they are experts behind the grill, I will admit I am not, but I am trying to get better. The top grilled items are Steak at 58%, Hamburgers at 55%, Chicken 42% and Sausages or Hot Dogs at 35%.

Memorial Day weekend is actually the third biggest grilling occasion of the year behind Fourth of July and Birthdays. Over 71% of all Americans own a grill. And I had no idea that most that like to grill consider dessert to be the most challenging food to grill, followed by fish and pizza.

If you're firing up your grill this weekend make sure you grill safely.

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