No matter where you’re from, if you’re in the great state of Montana right now, you know it’s archery season. You can’t drive through any town without seeing a bow hanging up in the back windshield of most trucks that pass by.

Montana has some of the best elk and deer hunting in all of North America, making archery season a popular sport around here. If you have the patience, a steady hand, and a little luck, you can get your hunting done early, maybe even before the snow flies.

It could be argued that archery hunters are more hardcore hunters than rifle hunters are. Not only do they get a few extra weeks of hunting that rifle hunters miss out on, but they also have to get much closer to their prey. Not to mention that they have to be a pretty crack shot to make their arrows go exactly where they want them to.

Archery hunters will tell you the sound of a bugling bull elk is intoxicating. Being mere feet from a live elk gets the adrenaline pumping. Drawing back your bow, trying to keep a steady hand and trying not to even breath so the elk doesn’t spot, you makes this sport extremely challenging.

Archery hunting is definitely not for the faint of heart, which is why it’s so big in Montana. Montana’s terrain is rugged, and so are the men and women who traverse it to fulfill their big game dreams.

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