Traffic was redirected and at a stand still during 5 o'clock drive today, Wednesday, July 15th, as a collision was being investigated. Eye witnesses say that around 4 p.m this afternoon, an SUV was leaving the Holiday gas station at 4th and Higgins, the one right across from Bridge Pizza, and attempting to go south on Higgins to 5th street. It is said, and this is completely unconfirmed information that I just got from an eye witness, that the SUV struck a female on a bike and continued for half a block before stopping. That's when strangers came to her rescue and started CPR as 911 was notified. Again, this is not from an official police report.

Eyewitnesses say that a male was driving the SUV and the female on the bike appeared to be a teen or in her early 20's. The MPD has confirmed that the female was transported to St. Pat's hospital with unknown injuries and that the driver is cooperating in the investigation. Traffic resumed this afternoon around 6:30 p.m.

We will update you as we learn more. Our hearts go out to both of these families, what a heartbreaking and scary situation for all involved, and for the community. PLEASE watch for bikes and pedestrians, especially during the summer months when more people are out and about. I can't believe how many listeners are responding to this incident with their own accounts of knowing somebody who has been hit on their bike. Be safe, friends.

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