Those pathetic scammers are everywhere - just waiting to prey on anyone they can! I saw a story yesterday about people paying big money for the PlayStation 5 on resale sites.......and then a PICTURE of the video game system shows up in the mail. Yep, sellers are burying a sentence in the small print that says the item up for sale is actually a picture of the PlayStation 5 and not the actual video game console. The seller knows nobody reads all the details before making the purchase and it's their way of trying to cover their own butt for ripping people off. I'm not sure if anybody has been able to get their money back - but that's a pretty terrible trick to play on people.

We just had somebody here in our building start to fall for a scam before realizing something was funky and they quickly abandoned ship on their involvement. The sad part is others don't realize that things aren't what they seem, and they end up losing money they'll never be able to recover.

And since it's the holidays - those waste of space scammers are out there to take advantage of people that are looking to score a deal during the season. The FBI is warning the public about multiple scams that are making the rounds and providing tips to help avoid being a victim.

Check out this KPAX article for what to look for when it comes to online shopping scams, charity scams, and gift card scams. There's also some great tips about avoiding holiday fraud schemes.

It's been a tough year on so many levels. The last thing you want is to end up being tricked out of some money just before Christmas. And you don't want to be like these people that ended up with their packages in the mail - but they didn't exactly receive what they thought they were purchasing.

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