I was a newbie to Missoula a few years ago when a coworker took me out to lunch the first week on the job. He asked if I had ever heard of a pasty before. The blank look I gave back must have sealed the deal - it was instantly decided that lunch would be at Lisa's Pasty Pantry. It didn't take much convincing - a bunch of potatoes, meat and onions baked inside a pastry sounded like a winning combo to me. During lunch I got the history lesson about Lisa's and as we left I knew of my first local spot to eat around town.

Closing the doors for the final time.

Lisa's was one of those places that you just kind of had to know about. You didn't see it while you were driving around the main roads of town - if you didn't live on Sussex Ave., you probably only saw the place if you were specifically headed there to eat. But even though it wasn't in a bright and flashy building or located somewhere on Reserve or Higgins, it had quite the following and was well-known outside of Missoula.

Somebody posted a picture on Facebook that is going to break the pasty-loving hearts of many around town. It shows a note from Lisa's Pasty Pantry with the unfortunate news that they've closed and won't be reopening. 

Here's the letter in its entirety:

Thank you for 25 years of amazing support!
You may have heard the rumors, and it is true. After 25 years of business, we at Lisa's have closed our doors for the last time. It has been a journey that words can't quite capture. One thing that can be said for certain is that the years of love and support from the Montana community and beyond is without compare. Over the years we have had laughs, joys, trials, and traditions and we would not trade it for the world. Thank you for your years of support. While we may be gone, we hope not to be forgotten, and look forward to what the future may hold! ;) Tap'er light!

People are already bummed by the news!

There's quite a few people that have left their thoughts on the Facebook post and it's easy to see that Lisa's will be missed. Some of the comments that have been left include:

  • Well this sucks
  • This is sad to hear but thank you for all the years! We will miss you but wish you the best!!
  • Oh no! So sad to hear this! Loved everything about Lisa’s! Thank you for the many years of great food and service that made the many visits so special.
  • Wonderful pasties and always very friendly service. Lisa’s will be missed!
  • No... Where are we going to get a good pasty?

I haven't seen the exact reason for closing - but one Facebook comment wished the owner well in retirement. Whatever the reason, the website for Lisa's Pastry Pantry doesn't offer much more for details - it only features a simple statement: *NOW CLOSED* THANK YOU MISSOULA FOR SUPPORTING US FOR 25 WONERFUL YEARS!!*

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