What do you do when something is a bit of a pain? You find a solution. Every year they remove the ice from Glacier Ice Rink and turn the venue into a 4-H facility for the livestock show and sale during the Western Montana Fair. With the rink being closed for a time because of the pandemic this year - they got the ice ready for skating, removed it for 4-H usage, and transitioned back to ice in an even tighter window than previous years. But that annual hassle might soon be a thing of the past.

If only there was only something at the fairgrounds that could be used for livestock and horses year-round......something that 4-H, FFA, and other organizations could use throughout the year! Well, that looks like it will be a reality as a new building to serve those needs is part of the redevelopment plan for the fairgrounds. A new livestock and equestrian center would be welcomed by many and would remove the need for Glacier Ice Rink to become a livestock arena every year.

It seems like everybody wins with this plan. 4-H and FFA would get their own designated space, Glacier would see less wear and tear without the yearly process, skaters would get more time to use the ice rink, volunteers wouldn't be needed for multiple weekends to complete the work needed for the transformation.

We'll wait and see what progress comes with the redevelopment plans over at the fairgrounds. One thing I do know is there are plenty of people that missed the Western Montana Fair in its absence this year and can't wait until it's able to return in 2021. The dates for the fair next year will be August 11-15. See the latest with the fairgrounds HERE. And see what's happening at Glacier Ice Rink HERE.

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