If you have not checked your Montana fishing and hunting licenses and tags lately, you might want to do so to make sure they haven't faded.

There's been a lot of publicity through the summer months about Montana licenses that just couldn't hold their ink and some mysteriously faded into illegibility. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has now made it a little easier to get replacements at your local license provider at no charge to you.

Hunters and anglers have always been able to get no-cost replacements at  regional FWP offices or via mail. But now through October 24, you can also have faded licenses replaced at no cost at local license providers where you made your license purchases. License providers now have new license paper that will not fade. The new paper rolls are white.

After October 25, there will be an additional $5 charge to do it this way. If you've already paid to have your license replaced, you can get reimbursed by sending the receipt to FWP.





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