My sister texted me yesterday to tell me that my brother-in-law had his car stolen from right in front of a convenience store yesterday morning. Granted, he did leave his keys in the ignition......but still, what are the odds? The surveillance video shows a guy checking the door of a couple other vehicles before hitting the jackpot with my brother-in-law's car. Despite the footage, they haven't been able to locate the person or the car. After my sister told me the news I did what any good brother would do, got to work photoshopping a picture of my brother-in-law into the movie poster for Dude, Where's My Car? My sister didn't find it as amusing as I did at first, but she came around. Ha!

It got us talking during the morning show about things that have been stolen from us. When I was a freshman in high school I finally got a coat I was wanting for a while. I was a Detroit Lions fan because my favorite player was Barry Sanders. Jackets made by Starter were all the rage at the time and I bugged my parents for one. I can still see it now, white as the fallen show, with a big ol' blue Lions logo on the back, metal Starter logo hanging off the zipper......she was a beauty. I wore it to school and someone stole it out of my gym locker - on the very first day! I remember being pulled out of a morning class a few weeks later and the school security guard giving the coat back to me. I'm still not even sure how they found it.

We put the question on Facebook asking listeners about anything that was stolen or anything of value that might have simply been lost.

Some of the items we've had great stories about include:

  • bikes
  • camera
  • jewelry
  • guns
  • car
  • camping gear
  • ipad
  • lawn ornaments
  • autographed memorabilia

Ever had anything stolen from you? Ever lose something valuable and you can't believe you did? Add your comments/stories to the Facebook conversation above. Or, you can message us your thoughts using your KYSS-FM mobile app. Don't have the app? Get it HERE.

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