How great was Saturday's win if you're a Griz fan? There's a good chance you haven't even come down from the high yet! What a game - and what an upset! I asked around the halls on Friday for a couple score predictions and they seemed to be in line with what the experts were thinking when they had the Griz as 22-point underdogs. But that's why you play the games - you just never know!

I wasn't able to watch the game on tv so I was listening on my phone - but the stream was a bit delayed. Whenever something good would happen, I would hear the cheer from a few houses down in my neighborhood.....and then I would actually hear it about 20 seconds later. I had to turn the game off a time or two and it was those cheers from the neighbors that would remind me to get back to it. I knew if the cheers kept coming - the Griz were hanging in there and putting up a fight.

It was so fun to poke around the different sports websites and apps after the game to see what coverage they gave to the shocker of a final score. Did you see the clip of coach Bobby Hauck jumping onto the pile of Griz players in the locker room area after the game? How awesome to see coach getting in there and celebrating with the team! A local Twitter account posted the video and ESPN featured it during their SportsCenter broadcast as well as on their website and app.

Players, coaches, and fans will be talking about this one for a loooooooong time! What a great win for the school and the football program. And since you're here - relive some of the magic from the game on Saturday with a few other posts from @kaiminsports below.

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