Join all the fun and feel great about supporting a very important Missoula Food Bank program and Missoula's Watershed Education Network.

The 11th annual Windermere Real Estate SUP Cup is Sunday, July 16. The SUP Cup is a 4.6-mile stand-up paddleboard competition on the Clark Fork River. Contestants are shuttled from McCormick Park to the starting point, Sha-Ron recreation site in East Missoula (or you can be dropped off there by someone, BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO CHECK IN). Check in time is from 10:00 a.m - noon at McCormick, which is also where the cool after-party will be going on.


The event, sponsored by Missoula's Windermere Real Estate, features Recreational and Elite divisions. Yep, there are some dedicated and very competitive paddleboard enthusiasts who compete on various circuits, battling for the jackpot. But do not feel like you have to be in that high-level class to be a winner and have a great time.

Recreational participants will be competing for various prizes. If you don't have a stand-up paddleboard, limited rentals may still be available.

Following the race, Winderemere will host the McCormick Park celebration with music, drinks, food and prizes.


This annual fundraising event helps support the EmPower Pack Program, Missoula Food Bank and Community Center’s weekend nutrition program helping students to stay healthy and nourished when school is not in session.

Each Friday, a bag of food is provided to children who experience chronic hunger over the weekends. This vital nutrition program reaches students in 29 different meal sites in the Missoula area, Lolo, Bonner, Frenchtown, Clinton, Seeley Lake, and Alberton, ranging from preschool through high school.

Proceeds also benefit the Missoula Watershed Education Network (WEN), which provides educational opportunities for students and adults alike, to learn more about Missoula's watershed and its vital contributions to the area.


Got lots of questions about registration fees, rules, paddleboard rentals, age and life jacket requirements and more? Well, we sure hope you do and that you will consider helping such a worthwhile cause in western Montana. Check out the Windermere SUP Cup page here and full speed ahead on Sunday, July 16!

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