Launched in May of this year, Engage Missoula keeps you up to date on city projects from start to finish.

Proposed wastewater rate structure, development applications, Clark Fork Islands recreational programs, Missoula maps, Missoula housing needs, city or developer initiative projects and so much more.

The City of Missoula has launched Engage Missoula as its new online engagement service that will allow Missoula residents to learn about city projects and initiatives from their beginnings. It’s a quick, convenient and accessible way for residents to have their say and learn complete information about projects on their own time. They hope to reach a wider variety and number of Missoula residents with a range of views. City staff at the Office of Housing & Community Development began looking at online public engagement services last summer. Staff members and leadership recognize the need for accessible, understandable information early in a project’s life. Missoula residents also want clear direction on projects’ timelines and decision points. Staff recognize that often the scope of city decisions is not always clear, especially in land-use projects. With the advent of COVID-19 and the mothballing of in-person public meetings, the need for online communication between local government and residents is even more important. Project leaders Montana James and Jessica Miller, working with city leadership, fast-tracked the project for that reason.

The site also provides a very user-friendly way to submit your comments. Give it a try here and see what you think. Hey, if you're not impressed with the layout, that's one more thing you can comment on, right?


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