It's the Great Bear Apple drive at Western Cider Taproom in Missoula. You can donate apples, help keep bears away and earn free beer.  What a deal!

Western Cider says bears can't resist apples.  And less apples in town equals lower chance of a bear in town.

Every donor that turns in 40 lbs of apples will get a $5 coupon to use at the taproom.

They collected over 15,000 pounds of apples last year and hope to improve to over 20,000 this year.

All the apples collected will be made into three different batches of cider in 2019.  So when you're enjoying a drink at Western Cider - you might have helped make that very drink.

And 10% of proceeds from the cider will be donated to the Great Bear Foundation - a non-profit helping in the conservation of bears.

You can donate daily at Western Cider - 501 N. California St - noon to 6p daily.


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