This is something I have NEVER EVER given one fraction of a second of thought to! Until now. Now I'll be watching Patches the cat and Chili the dog all the time to see if they are rightys or leftys. According to the Veterinary Neurology Center in Tustin CA, dogs and cats can be right or left pawed, favoring one or the other just like people do with their hands and feet. You can do some simple tests to determine if your pet has a paw preference. Teach a dog to shake and which paw gets raised? Put a treat under a sofa and see if your pet has a preference when trying to retrieve it. OR DO WE REALLY CARE??!?!?!  :-)

Actually there is a serious side to this study. Research may show which puppies might make the best military, service or therapy dogs. But I'm just going to watch to see which paw Patches usually swats Chili in the nose with.  DB