With Father’s Day just around the corner, the overwhelming majority of American dads believe the fathers of today are more attentive to their children than those in past.

The Ad Council surveyed 743 fathers on whether they were spending more time with their kids than their own dad did. Eighty six percent of them answered that they were. This despite the fact that one-third of children in America don’t live with their biological father, a percentage that has grown over the years. But, as the Ad Council pointed out, a father can still spend time with his children even if they don’t live in the same house.

“Our survey showed that the vast majority of dads are looking forward to spending time with their children this Father’s Day,” said Peggy Conlon, president and CEO of the Ad Council. “I hope that this touching campaign, and the comprehensive resources on Fatherhood.gov, will continue to encourage fathers to take an active role in their children’s lives throughout the year.”

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