father's day

Ryan Gosling Facebook Hoax!
It seemed to good to be true -- Ryan Gosling announcing he was a dad on Father's Day -- and it was. A bogus Facebook post showing the actor with a baby made the rounds over the weekend and had women gushing.
The Perfect Father’s Day Video?
Hey dads, what are your plans for Father's Day? Are they anything close to what you really want to do on Father's Day? Probably not. Go ahead and think about your perfect Father's Day
Fishing is Going to Pick Up
A lot of the waters of Western Montana have settled down and things are picking up. Plus the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department has a special plan for the weekend. The fishing is free!
Great Dad Songs
It's Father's Day weekend and country music brings dad home to you in so many ways. Here's some songs that we thought may be a good fit for you and your dad's relationship.

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