When I saw this story a few days ago, I immediately went searching for my copy of the book To Kill and Kill Again by John Coston.

If you are not familiar, I highly recommend this fascinating and frightening account of the the disturbing compulsions of a suspected Missoula-area serial killer who fooled everyone he knew, stumped the authorities, terrified a community. AND nearly got away with it. The name Wayne Nance will undoubtedly send a chill up the spines of at least a few of you older readers. For me, is it because I wonder if I ever ran into, met or talked to the guy? Is it the localized aspect of such a horrific story? Sure, no doubt. But that aside, it is an incredible book.

The Associated Press reported that officials in western Montana identified the victim of a 1980s homicide and are investigating whether she was possibly a victim of Wayne Nance. DNA obtained from the skeletal remains found in 1985 was compared to commercial databases and was eventually traced to the family of Janet Lee Lucas of Spokane, Washington. She was 23 years old when she was last seen in Sandpoint, Idaho in 1983.

Her remains were found close to the remains of another suspected victim of Nance's, who was believed to be responsible for at least six killings. The furniture store delivery employee was never tried or convicted. He was killed by presumably another intended victim during a break-in of that person's home in 1986.

We hope this helps bring some closure to the family of Janet Lee Lucas, including a son who was just a little boy when his mom disappeared.


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