Robert De Niro has officially reached the IDGAF point of his career (Harrison Ford can relate), with recent roles in films like The Intern and Heist, the latter of which you probably haven’t heard about. Okay, he isn’t completely off the reservation, since David O. Russell has been keeping him on the legit side of things with his role in Joy, but recent years have seen De Niro take a turn to the sillier, lighter side of things and Dirty Grandpa is his latest foray into the wacky, starring opposite Zac Efron in a film that sees the unlikely duo saddling up for a Spring Break trip.

The final trailer for Dirty Grandpa is about what you’d expect from that title, with De Niro’s recently widowed character teaming up with his grandson for a trip to Daytona during Spring Break — because that’s what the recently deceased grandma would want, or something. Among the humor you’ll find here: De Niro ogling young women, De Niro throwing a golf club at Efron and calling him a “lamb,” and De Niro…tweaking Efron’s nipples. Oh the things you will see.

Dirty Grandpa was directed by Dan Mazer, who previously helmed episodes of Da Ali G Show and the underrated rom-com I Give It a Year, and was scripted by John Phillips, who has a writing credit on Bad Santa 2 (though his name has been strangely absent from the publicity materials for that film).

Also starring Aubrey Plaza, Julianne Hough, Adam Pally and Jason Mantzoukas, Dirty Grandpa hits theaters on January 22.

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